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The 230 is supplied with either a Model 201. Setra's Model 201 is an accurate, low cost pressure transducer for measuring very low differential of gauge pressure. The 201's all-welded no o-ring construction results in a leak-free design, idea for the most critical low range applications. Setra Model 209H Pressure Transducer 316L stainless steel wetted materials, up to 1,000 psi, compatible with wide range of gases & liquids. Starting at $441.29 Setra Model 206 The Model 209 pressure transducer is designed for Industrial and OEM customers who require high performance, reliability and versatility at an affordable price. It offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy with pressure ranges from 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI to meet a multitude of demanding applications. Setra 204 Pressure Transducer High accuracy pressure measurement up to 10,000 psi.

Setra transducer

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Product Description: Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer Setra Model 230 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION Every Model 230 has been tested and calibrated before shipment. Setra Systems 230 pressure transducers sense differential pressure and convert this difference in pressure to a proportional high level analog output. The 230 is supplied with either a The Setra Model 264 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a low-air pressure transmitter able to sense differential pressure in both negative and positive ranges. The Model 264 incorporates a tensioned stainless steel diaphragm to form a variable capacitor that will produce variation in the output signal.


4~20 mA Setra Systems PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Model 231 Multi-Sense wet-to-wet, differential pressure transducer is suited for users who need to monitor control pump differential pressures, chiller or boiler differential pressure drops and flow measurement of gases and liquids. Setra has devoted its engineering and research efforts to the development of transducers and systems based on the highly accurate variable capacitive transduction principle. Founded in 1967, Setra Systems, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices. Vi på Setra vill göra affärer som fler än vi tjänar på – våra kunder, naturen och samhället.

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The Model 267 gauge pressure transducer is offered in a high level voltage or 4 to 20 mA output and is available with a static pressure probe for installation directly onto the duct. Setra transducers provide long-term zero stabili-ties as low as 0.05% FS/yr.

Setra transducer

HVAC Pressure Transducer Installation Basics; How do I plumb my low differential pressure transducers? Can I use my existing CTs from the old meter?
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Setra transducer

Alla våra produkter har sitt ursprung i ansvarsfullt brukade skogar i … Setra 270 Pressure Transducer SETRACERAM™ sensor, ±0.05% FS accuracy, barometric, gauge or absolute pressure, non-condensing air or gas. Starting at $2,044.72. Setra 278 Barometric Pressure Transducer 0.1 mb/yr stability, high accuracy, 100mSec response time, … Setra Systems Inc. was founded in an age of transducer innovation. Setra founders, Dr. Y.T. Li, and Dr. S.Y. Lee were professors of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-developers of the variable capacitance transduction principle.Building on this heritage of innovation, Setra has designed and developed the most comprehensive product lines of sensing devices in the Differential Pressure Transducer Model 235 wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer measures liquids or gases in applications with high line pressures up to 2,500 psig. The device contains no liquid filled diaphragm, thus eliminating the possibility of batch contamination and thermal transient errors. 2016-03-25 Setra Systems 205-2 pressure transducer is designed for accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids compatible with stainless steel.

Starting at $441.29 Huge Setra ASM Series Pressure Transducers Inventory - Same Day Shipping - Expert Technical Support. 800-575-5562. 800-575-5562. Shop By Phone . 800-575-5562 Setra Systems 2561250PG2M11 Model 256 Industrial Pressure Transducer, Rugged, Reliable, Nema4, Gauge Pressure, 0-250 psig, 1/4" NPT Male, 4-20 mA, 11 Point Cal Cert: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific Setra’s Model ASM is a high performance pressure transducer used in the accurate measurement of pressures on engine test stands, dynamometers, particle test & analysis, and research & development applications.
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Setra transducer

For over 50 years, Setra has developed a unique understanding of pressure sensing technology. Our team of engineers designs some of the most robust, accurate, and reliable capacitive sensing transducers available. Choose a category below to see our pressure sensing products: Setra’s Model 265 is a lower price solution that offers an excellent price to performance ratio and meets the requirements in all typical HVAC applications. The 265 is a low differential pressure transducer that uses a dead-ended capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability. Setra' s line of pressure sensing solutions including pressure sensors, transmitters & gauges provides high performance & accuracy. Call us at 800-257-3872. Setra Systems Inc. was founded in an age of transducer innovation.

Product Description: High Accuracy Pressure Transducer, ASM,0 to 300 PSI,Absolute 1/4" NPT Male0-10VDCStd 6-Pin Male Bayonet, Setra Model 264 low differential pressure transducer. Low differential pressure measurement in HVAC building automation. Popular configurations include 2641005WD11T1C, 26412R5WD11T1C, 2641005WD11A1C, 2641001WD11T1C, 2641R25WB11T1C, 26412R5WD2DT1C, 26412R5WB11T1C, 2641010WD11T1C, 26412R5WD11A1C, 26410R1WD11T1E Setra systems manufacter electronic instruments that measure pressure, acceleration, and weight | Transmitter, transducer, power meter, particle counter and scales. Setra Pressure Transducers, 256 Series . Item Number 2561500PG2M11C Series 256. Overview Documents. Product Description: Gauge Pressure Transducer, 0-500 PSIG, 1/4" NPT Male, 4-20 mA, 11 Point CAL Cert .
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12-28 VDC, Output .1-5.1 VDC. $18.95. $8.40 shipping. or Best Offer. 3 watching. New Setra 3100 Series Pressure Vi på Setra vill göra affärer som fler än vi tjänar på – våra kunder, naturen och samhället. När en verksamhet är lönsam för alla, kallar vi det för Grönsamhet.

The 209 offers exceptional reliability in typical industrial grade environments. Not available with NIST traceable Calibration Certificates. Setra Systems makes a range of pressure sensors for ventilator manufacturing and testing. Setra's pressure transducers are made in the USA and trusted by top OEMs around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ventilators are in more need than ever. Setra Systems designs and manufactures premium pressure sensors.